Ithaki is a concept album, and it consists of seven original compositions for classical guitar with a general thematical substance; the personal journey of self-exploration and realisation that we are called to carry out in our life's adventures, hopes and fears. 


  1. Prayer
  2. Psyche; don't fear!
  3. Pleasure and joy
  4. Sirens
  5. Circe, Calypso
  6. Ithaki
  7. Always beginning

Produced by Konstantine Margaritis
Engineered and Mastered by Konstantine Margaritis at the Soulstone Studio, Berlin during November 2018
Artwork Design by Theodora Dakoula

Pleasure and Joy is dedicated to Magdalini

Released on 05 April, 2019

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Ithaki is all about the personal journey of self-exploration and realisation, partly inspired by the famous poem by Konstantine Kavafis and the ten-year voyage of Odysseus as told by Hommer. But like with every kind of knowledge or experience that we assimilate, the only way for it to have any meaning at all is through deep personal involvement and lots of mistakes! 

Therefore it is safe to say that Ithaki is my most personal work to date, the last years my life has been in constant change, I moved to Berlin, became a husband and father, made some new friends, already forgot most of them, travelled around with my music, generally I had some very dark but also some very inspiring moments. I remember my first day here, with no place to stay, I only had my guitar and some clothes. I grew up as a person, I had to, but also as an artist. I learned more about myself. I think this is reflecting on the music, I'm a better composer now, I don’t try to force the music anymore, I just let it unfold and alone decide where it wants to go - if that makes any sense. 

I guess we never really know what defines us at the time it is happening, things have a certain way to accumulate and grow in our systems, and when the time comes, effortlessly, feelings and thoughts find their way to express themselves. For me, that process manifests through melodies, harmonies and rhythms mostly, sometimes it all happens quickly and painless, other times it is a struggle! 

While my first record was about putting some great songs together, in this record even if the music covers a plethora of emotions, all of it comes from the same place and in a sense was an effortless creation. Actually, it took me less than two weeks to compose all the songs for the album - except for Pleasure and Joy which was done a few months earlier - but over a year to understand them. 

Like my first album, I recorded this one at my home studio. I like to produce my albums myself, there is less talking that way, more thinking and lots of trial and error but I don’t have to explain to someone else what I'm searching for. This is also why solo performances can be so satisfying and haunting - not to say that I don't enjoy playing with others, I do, but it is a different kind of evolvement sharing a stage with other people to be all alone with the guitar; naked and fragile. 

This is my story, and I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Beautifully written and performed by composer/guitarist, Konstatine Margaritis, Ithaki is musical journey that takes the listener to another, more romantic and daring realm. With pieces ranging from soft lullaby-like ballads to darker and more passionate epics, the seven track album is as varied as could be for the solo classical guitar genre. Performed and produced expertly by Margaritis himself, the artist displays and wealth of knowledge (both technical and musical) of the guitar and recording in this incredible sounding work. Although not the first record of this type by Margaritis, one can hear an evolution in musicality, improvisational skill and compositional style in creating the uniquely modern yet ancient sounding, Ithaki.”

— D. Ondaro, guitarist