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Konstantine Margaritis is a greek classical guitarist and composer, based in Berlin. He has studied at the National Music School of Greece, in Preveza, and has won the Paul Simon Scholarship of Berklee College of Music. His playing and compositional styles create a rare amalgam of diverse elements ranging from the passionate portrayal of early romanticism to impressionistic assertions, infused with a strong temperament of various Mediterranean rhythms and ornaments.  

Solo performances, innovative contemporary compositions, four personal albums, a leading role in his trio Elusive Aura and multiple other collaborations, are a few of the clues that suggest his multifaceted artistry.

- Paul Simon Scholarship - Berklee College of Music 
- Performing at the Jazz Festival, Preveza - Greece (with Elusive Aura) 
- Performing  at Radialsystem, Berlin (with Helena Goldt) 
- Composer in Residence - Kraziai, Lithuania 
- Performing at the Universität der Kunste - Georg Neumann Saal, Berlin (with Elusive Aura) 
- Performing at the Hanns Eisler - Studiosaal, Berlin (with Luca Staffiere)

A Quiet Place (Solo Guitar, 2020)

A Quiet Place, composed and recorded by Konstantine Margairits in April 2020, delves into a state of hush detachment. Unsettled aura and a gloomy tone set up this contemporary concert guitar suite.

Diese Musik mit Ihrer Spielart hat mich tief beeindruckt. Sie hat eine meditative Ruhe aber doch gleichzeitig sehr starke innere Kraft. Diese Intensität ist wie eine Zentripetalkraft, die Menschen zur Einkehr führen könnte.” - Emiko Wilhelm
With a fresh, uncompromising musicality, “A Quiet Place” grabs the listener and doesn’t let go, allowing ones imagination and feelings to sync with those of the composer and the times at large.” - D. Ondaro

Ithaki (Solo Guitar, 2019)

Ithaki is a concept album, and it consists of seven original compositions for classical guitar with a general thematical substance; the personal journey of self-exploration and realisation that we are called to carry out in our life's adventures, hopes and fears.

It is partly inspired by the famous poem by Konstantine Kavafis and the ten-year voyage of Odysseus as told by Hommer. But similarly to every kind of knowledge or experience that we assimilate, the only way for it to have any meaning at all is through deep personal involvement and lots of mistakes!

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Konstantine Margaritis

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Ithaki cannot be defined. It is not a place, nor a destination. Ithaki is the familiar, the intimate; yet it is elusive, subtle and unattainable. Its melody is improvised and can never be set; it appears to be unchanging as much as it is erratic, unpredictable. Ithaki is what you make it be; you cannot ask for more.

Beautifully written and performed by composer/guitarist, Konstatine Margaritis, Ithaki is musical journey that takes the listener to another, more romantic and daring realm. With pieces ranging from soft lullaby-like ballads to darker and more passionate epics, the seven track album is as varied as could be for the solo classical guitar genre... a uniquely modern yet ancient sounding, Ithaki.”

— D. Ondaro

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