The Music of the Impressionists


Konstantine Margaritis is an award-winning greek classical guitarist and composer based in Berlin. He has studied music at the National Music School of Greece in Preveza and has won the Paul Simon Scholarship during his studies at the Berklee College of Music.  

His compositional style creates a rare amalgam of diverse elements ranging from the passionate portrayal of early romanticism to impressionistic assertions, thorough infused with a strong temperament of various Mediterranean rhythms and ornaments.   

Solo performances, innovative compositions, eight albums, a leading role in the trio "Elusive Aura", and numerous other collaborations are a few of the clues that suggest his multifaceted artistry. 

- Paul Simon Scholarship - Berklee College of Music, Boston USA 
- V
irtuelles Musikprojekt Scholarship - Goethe Institute, Germany 
- Neu Start Kultur: Klassik Scholarship 2022 - Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Germany 
- Neu Start Kultur: Klassik Scholarship 2021 - Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Germany 
- Composer in Residence - Kraziai Lankytinos Vietos, Lithuania  
- Performing at the Jazz Festival, Preveza - Greece (with Elusive Aura)   
- Performing at the Radialsystem, Berlin 
- Performing at the Universität der Kunste - Georg Neumann Saal, Berlin (with Elusive Aura)  
- Performing at the Hanns Eisler - Studiosaal, Berlin (with Luca Staffiere)

The Music of the Impressionists

With picturesque qualities and an emphasis on atmosphere, tone colour, and fluidity, the music of the French impressionists of the early twentieth century captivates the listener and announces the outset of modernism. In this book, "The music of the Impressionists", I present a collection of eight masterpieces from the impressionistic period, arranged for solo classical guitar.  

A short introduction, as well as my notes on important compositional or performance peculiarities, accompany each piece. Furthermore, absolute care was put to ensure that the distinct voice of each composer is well portrayed on the classical guitar, that every element from the original score is authentically represented.   

After all, the classical guitar, with an extraordinary variety of tonal colours and an extensive capacity for expression, is uniquely suitable to bring out the subtleties of impressionistic music. 

All pre-orders will be accompanied by a signed, and numbered certificate.

Claude Debussy / Préludes - Book 1 - VIII

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