A Quiet Place, Pt II

Five movements; a restrained ominous tone, yet with a slight speck of hope. A Quiet Place part II fluctuates within uncertainty and optimism.

i. A place to hide 
ii. Singular
iii. A speck of hope
iv. In the half-light
v. Before our very eyes


All music composed by Konstantine Margaritis 

Produced by Konstantine Margaritis 
Engineered and Mastered by Konstantine Margaritis at the Soulstone Studio, Berlin during August 2020 

Artwork by Matthias Jun Wilhelm („Singular“, 2014) 
Layout by Matthias Gustav Pan & Matthias Jun Wilhelm 
Fonts by Studio Triple 
Repro-edit by Stefan Schacher & Matthias Jun Wilhelm 

Matthias Jun Wilhelm: matthiasjunwilhelm.com 
Matthias Gustav Pan: instagram.com/matthiasgustavpan 
Studio Triple: studiotriple.fr 
Stefan Schacher: stefanschacher.de 

Released on 28 August, 2020