A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place, composed and recorded by Konstantine Margairits in April 2020, delves into a state of hush detachment. Unsettled aura and a gloomy tone set up this contemporary concert guitar suite.

i. Our thoughts at night 
ii. Disconnect 
iii. Plural 
iv. A Quiet Place


All music composed by Konstantine Margaritis

Produced by Konstantine Margaritis  
Engineered and Mastered by Konstantine Margaritis at the Soulstone Studio, Berlin during April 2020 

Artwork by Matthias Jun Wilhelm („Plural“, 2014) 
Layout by Matthias Gustav Pan & Matthias Jun Wilhelm 
Fonts by Studio Triple  
Repro-edit by Stefan Schacher & Matthias Jun Wilhelm  

Matthias Jun Wilhelm: matthiasjunwilhelm.com  
Matthias Gustav Pan: instagram.com/matthiasgustavpan 
Studio Triple: studiotriple.fr  
Stefan Schacher: stefanschacher.de 

Released on 25 April, 2020

Diese Musik mit Ihrer Spielart hat mich tief beeindruckt. Sie hat eine meditative Ruhe aber doch gleichzeitig sehr starke innere Kraft. Diese Intensität ist wie eine Zentripetalkraft, die Menschen zur Einkehr führen könnte.” - Emiko Wilhelm
“A Quiet Place” from composer/guitarist Konstantine Margaritis’ is a four part ultra modern guitar piece undoubtably influenced by the dark and uncertain weeks of early 2020. In it Margaritis explores this new reality we are experiencing through the many voices and nuances of the classical guitar in a unique musical language that is unsettled and pleasantly melancholic. Skillfully executed, each of the four movements contrasts the others while together offers and impressive compositional and technical feat. The guitarist’s use of difficult tremolo and polyphonic techniques interest both the critical and passive listener. With a fresh, uncompromising musicality, “A Quiet Place” grabs the listener and doesn’t let go, allowing ones imagination and feelings to sync with those of the composer and the times at large. ” - D. Ondaro