1. Helen of Troy

From the recording Siren Songs

One of the most intriguing myths of all, is that of the most beautiful woman of the Ancient World. Her beauty was impossible to describe with words, and was tragically destined to spark the Trojan War. Helen of Troy may have been extraordinarily beautiful, but beware; there is more to her story than that which meets the eye.

Composed by Konstantine Margaritis
Inspired by a Sara Teasdale poem


I am She who loves all beauty — yet I wither all it
Gods led me into this lair, forever sorrow and blood

It’s to you, Leda, my mother, and my Sire
I owe this cruel gift; the beauty, the bale
for never woman born of man and maid

Give death to me, for I have wrought such great havoc on earth
How could I leave the sound of wind, the strong sweet scent of sea
Or shut my eyes forever to the spring?

I shall live, to conquer Greece again
to make the people love, who hate me now
Mens’ lives waste with longing after me
the sum of their desire I shall be and I shall hunt
until the dusk of time