Konstantine Margaritis ́ guitar playing is subtle and lyrical, surrounded by a melancholic tone. His unique ability to become one with the instrument and his natural balance of intimate and immediate allows the listener to forget the virtuosity and get lost within the sound. Konstantine's melancholic mood is sweet and nostalgic, impregnated with a Mediterranean essence. 

With an unusual capacity composition, Konstantine creates a rare amalgam of diverse elements ranging from the passionate portrayal of early romanticism to impressionistic assertions, infused with a strong temperament of various Mediterranean rhythms and ornaments.

The Greek guitarist and composer moved to Berlin in 2013, his debut album “Kimata”, a collection of original works and arrangements for solo guitar; was released in 2016 and sets the tone of Konstantine's ambition for a fusing contemporary and tradition. Two years later, his music for trio “Siren Songs” is released under the name Elusive Aura as an amalgam of his inherent interest in Ancient Greek philosophy and manifests his fascination for complex harmonies, odd rhythms and sounds from the Mediterranean. In 2019 he creates "Ithaki", a concept album with original compositions for classical guitar with a general thematical substance; the personal journey of self-exploration and realisation that we are called to carry out in our life's adventures, hopes and fears.  

A two-part classical guitar suite, "A Quiet Place" comes in 2020, the composer presents diverse musical vocabulary and diverse musical states as the nine movement suite fluctuates within uncertainty and optimism.  

His first connection with music was at the age of 5. He studied music at the National School of Music in Preveza, Greece. Later in his life, he felt he wanted to expand his knowledge and command of the instrument and attended the online section of Berklee College of Music where he was awarded the Paul Simon Scholarship and earned a Master Guitar for his studies in jazz improvisation and composition in 2012. “It was a life-changing experience for me” he recalls, “to be able to learn and communicate with world class musicians and teachers such as Bruce Saunders, Joe Mulholland, Rick Peckham, Jim Odgren and Bruce Bartlett”.   

I very seldom hear somebody play with such a nice classical touch.”

— Frans Elferink – Luthier

Konstantine Margaritis takes me away with its complex melodies and soulful composition…”

— Adrian Bambace