Konstantine Margaritis' guitar artistry is characterized by its delicate lyricism, enveloped in a poignant, melancholic aura. Possessing a singular talent for melding seamlessly with his instrument, he strikes a harmonious balance between intimacy and immediacy. This captivating synergy enables listeners to transcend the notion of virtuosity and become fully immersed in the evocative soundscapes he creates. The bittersweet and nostalgic ambience of Konstantine's music is infused with a Mediterranean essence that leaves an indelible impression on the soul.

In 2013, the Greek guitarist and composer Konstantine Margaritis relocated to Berlin, paving the way for an innovative musical journey. His debut album, "Kimata," released in 2016, features a blend of original works and arrangements for solo guitar, showcasing Konstantine's vision of fusing contemporary and traditional elements. In 2018, his trio project "Siren Songs" emerged under the moniker Elusive Aura, reflecting his deep-rooted interest in ancient Greek philosophy while expressing his fascination with intricate harmonies, unconventional rhythms, and evocative Mediterranean sounds.

The year 2019 marked the conception of "Ithaki," a concept album featuring original compositions for classical guitar. The album's overarching theme explores the personal journey of self-discovery and self-realization that each individual embarks upon, navigating the adventures, hopes, and fears that shape our lives. This introspective exploration is presented through Konstantine's emotive and captivating musical storytelling, inviting listeners to embark on their own transformative journeys.

In 2020, Konstantine introduced "A Quiet Place," a two-part classical guitar suite that showcases his diverse musical vocabulary and emotional range. The nine-movement suite fluctuates between uncertainty and optimism, highlighting his compositional and expressive talents. 

Embracing nature in 2021, Konstantine unveiled "Baltik Winter," an album that encapsulates nature's transformative power. Using impressionistic techniques, this suite vividly portrays the stark beauty of frosty landscapes and the arrival of spring. 

In 2022, Konstantine presented "The Music of the Impressionists," a collection of early 20th-century French impressionist masterpieces arranged for solo classical guitar. This compilation transports listeners to the dawn of modernism and showcases Konstantine's adaptability and artistry. Later in 2022, Konstantine collaborated with singer and lyricist Marithé van der Aa to create "Will Have Been," a musical triptych that explores temporality. The album moves gracefully through memory, present, and future, embodying reflection and projection in a mesmerizing dance of time and experience. 

In 2023, Konstantine released "Three Night Figments," a piano suite he composed and performed by Danai Vritsiou. This evocative collection delves into an enigmatic, foreboding world, showcasing his ability to craft captivating soundscapes.

His first connection with music was at the age of 5. He studied music at the National School of Music in Preveza, Greece. Later in his life, he felt he wanted to expand his knowledge and command of the instrument and attended the online section of Berklee College of Music where he was awarded the Paul Simon Scholarship and earned a Master Guitar Certificate for his studies in jazz improvisation and composition in 2012. “It was a life-changing experience for me” he recalls, “to be able to learn and communicate with world class musicians and teachers such as Bruce Saunders, Joe Mulholland, Rick Peckham, Jim Odgren and Bruce Bartlett”.   

I very seldom hear somebody play with such a nice classical touch.”

— Frans Elferink – Luthier

Konstantine Margaritis takes me away with its complex melodies and soulful composition…”

— Adrian Bambace