Baltik Winter


My new Guitar Suite; Baltik Winter

Hello, friends and guitarophiles, 

I'm delighted to share with you "Clear Skies", the first of the six movements of my upcoming suite; "Baltik Winter". 

From the chalky, frosty landscapes, to the first signs that witness the arrival of spring; in…


New Year's Miniature

Happy New Year, friends, and guitarophiles

I hope that 2021 will be full of bright notes! 

Here is a New Year's Miniature I composed yesterday: 

Watch the Video on YouTube 

Stay healthy! 


New video - Urban Miniatures: I

Hello, friends and guitarophiles, 

I'm delighted to announce the release of the first Urban Miniature. 

Urban Miniatures form a collaboration between the Berlin-based composer Konstantine Margaritis and cinematographer Alkistis Kafetsi. Captured on-location; they are purposed to engage the senses by…

New Elusive Aura single; Prayer.

This year has been rough for all of us. But music has offered may a ray of hope, and a glimpse of beauty within the chaos. I hope you will find some of that in the new Elusive Aura single…

Solo Suite Sequel; A Quiet Place, Part II

Hello, friends and guitarophiles, 

I'm delighted to announce the release of my new suite; A Quiet Place, Part II. 

Five movements; a restrained ominous tone, yet with a slight speck of hope. A Quiet Place part II fluctuates within uncertainty…

New Solo Suite; A Quiet Place

Hello, friends and guitarophiles, 

I'm delighted to announce the release of my new guitar suite; A Quiet Place. 

Comprised of four parts with an unsettling aura and a gloomy tone; A Quiet Place delves into a state of hush detachment. 


My new video, filmed at a stunning location; Zalongo.

I'm excited to share with you my new solo guitar composition and video, Zalongo. 

Recorded and filmed on location at the magnificent monument of Zalongo in Epirus, Greece. A site with an immense historical heritage and the most stunning scenery. 

Ithaki; New Solo Album is Out

I'm delighted to announce the release of my second solo album, Ithaki

Ithaki is a concept album, and it consists of seven original compositions for classical guitar with a general thematical substance; the personal journey of self-exploration and realisation…


Helen of Troy; our new video

A monologue of the most beautiful woman of the ancient world, Helen of Troy; the single of our upcoming debut album Siren Songs, released on April 27.


From Foreign Lands (Anatolia)

"Από ξένο τόπο” or "from foreign lands" is a traditional song from the greeks of Anatolia. It seems to be a quite suitable and natural piece to work an arrangement for my time in Kraziai - Lithuania since I'm not…


Mournful Hymn

Music can be quite a spiritual experience, this Sunday I went to the church in Kraziai - Lithuania. In spite of the subfreezing temperature, the woman who was playing the organ kept singing this mournful hymn even a few minutes…


Dedication, New Video

Dedication is a short and sweet song I composed for Elena a few years ago, it all comes out and revolves around a single phrase "Σ' αγαπώ".